Behold! The power of protein.

You run, you work, you socialize, you raise kids, and you manage to stay cool under all of that pressure. But we can always feel the strain of having so much on our diaries at one time. That’s why we need the right kind of fuel to keep us healthy and going strong.

Quality whole foods including premium plant-based protein powders naturally provide important phytonutrients (all the good stuff that gives vegetables and fruits their colour and flavor) that facilitate many functions including energy release. A protein supplement is an excellent addition to a healthy balanced diet – providing essential amino acids to maintain healthy muscle mass and to help regulate blood sugar levels (lest we get a tad hangry).

In short, the powerful benefits of protein are…

  1. Increased muscle tone – to to keep you strong and moving
  2. Blood sugar balance – the gradual release of glucose and, hence, satiety, or  sustained energy release throughout the day
  3. More metabolic nutrients – vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients (like polyphenols, saponins, and prebiotic carbohydrates) which exert immune protective, antioxidant effects for an extra boost of support for an active lifestyle

Protein isn’t a silver bullet to your diet though. But active lifestyles require optimum fueling, so it is important that we strive for balance with all macronutrients, including our friends healthy fats, like avocados, and carbohydrates, such as whole grains.

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Mucho Amor,

Inés, Katherine, Hilary & Julia