BTS: Macacha Beauty Press Day

This week we had our first Press day where we gave journalists a sneak peek into our forthcoming BEAUTY Blend! It was such an exciting opportunity to get feedback first hand from journalists, and a chance to get to know them and their audiences. As a young company we are always keen to hear feedback from consumers and to learn what they care about and get suggestions for how to improve our products further. Meeting with journalists was part of that, we learned about what their readers are interested in and how they think our product will fit in.The great news is everyone is caring more what’s inside the products and consumers are more knowledgeable, and that suits us as we are ALL ABOUT INGREDIENTS.

It was really quite inspiring to hear 🙂 people care so much more about how we make food products. Our founder Ines notes this transformation over the last 10 years, as when she started working at Whole Foods, healthy foods were practically a niche interest and gluten free was just for celiacs. We have come a long way and feel like celebrating this new era of more conscious living!Here’s who we met!

Ayesha Muttucumaru, Senior Features Writer, Get the Gloss

Ayesha has been with Get the Gloss for 5 years. The website has a particular focus on both health and beauty. It regularly features experts in nutrition, fitness and wellness.

The meeting with Ayesha from Get the Gloss was an awesome way to start the day. We are so excited to see that the content regarding Health & fitness is growing!!

Alice Manning, Freelance Beauty Editor and Beauty Director, Feel Unique

Writing for Sunday Times Style, Stylist, Grazia and many more, Alice shares her passion for skincare

Our chat was Alice was so positive! (Title achievements from LinkedIn) Alice knew a lot about our product already! Our drums looked amazing with the chocolate brown background if we may say so ourselves.

Sam Friedman, Associate Beauty Editor, Grazia

Sam joined Grazia from LOOK magazine last year and is responsible for most of the magazine’s shoots and features!

At the Grazia office we met Sam who was very welcoming and had really good questions for us!