Don't Panic We're Organic!

This week we're celebrating some pretty amazing news!!! We're certified organic and feeling super proud to be licensed by one of the largest and most trusted organic certification bodies who is changing the future of food and farming. The Soil Association!

What does it mean to be Soil Association certified? 
In short, it means that each of our nourishing plant protein blends and their ingredients is sourced, manufactured, stored and sold to the highest standards of natural quality. So when you're buying our beautiful sachets or drums, you know that they have been lovingly made with:
  1. No artificial colours or preservatives
  2. No routine use of antibiotics
  3. No or Fewer pesticides 
  4. GMO Free
    Wondering what the certification process involves?
    It's no walk in the park! There's a lot to it like annual inspections to warehouses and offices, third-party checks, production records and lots of traceability paperwork and lab analysis! But it's so worth it to ensure that we meet organic standards and provide you with the best possible ingredients. Plus, the team at the Soil Association are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, we grabbed a selfie with our inspector!

    What to look for on our packaging?
    You'll find the Soil Association stamp on our NEW Beauty blend packaging launching in July. Read about its skin-loving phytonutrients and their benefits here!


    What about our PEACE and ENERGY blends?
    Each of our signature 6 ingredients are certified organic! It's only the stevia that stops us from adding the organic logo to our PEACE and ENERGY packaging!!! Stevia is a plant extract and natural sweetener, but it's considered a "novel food" which means it can't be certified organic in the UK or Eupore.

    You can read more about our ingredients here, or click here to shop our blends! 

    Find out more about the Soil Association and their certification requirements here!

    Organic vibezzz!
    Las Chicas MACACHA