Energy Playlist with Guest Blogger Bex

This week we caught up with Bex, Trainer at PSYCLE and guest blogger!

Bex knows firsthand the impact music has on atmosphere and energy in class and is a total expert in creating the best playlist. We love getting the tunes on when we’re out and about and exercising, so we are SO excited that Bex has shared with us her favourite tracks – first up, the perfect soundtrack for ENERGY!

MACACHA: Tell us a little bit about your self, and what drew you into the fitness industry?

BEX: I pretty much sweat for a living, and I have spent the last 10 years encouraging others to join me! Music drew me into the fitness industry initially, teaching exercise to music classes was a chance to jump around, move and dance to upbeat tunes. I didn’t see it as ‘working’ out; to me it was pure fun!

MACACHA: What is your goal as a Personal Trainer?

BEX: Finding the fun in fitness became my goal in classes and as a Personal Trainer. I wanted to change people’s perception of exercise – it didn’t have to be gruelling, or army major ‘don’t stop until you drop’ style (unless that’s your thing, of course), and that the weights section in the gym is not just for men! So whether it was finding music to connect people in class or finding the right type of exercise for clients – from boxing, swinging a kettlebell or partner work – I want to encourage women to move, feel more body confident, empowered and most importantly have fun!

MACACHA: How do you feel the fitness industry has changed, and what impact has it had on women and fitness?

BEX: Over the last ten years I have seen such incredible changes in the industry. When Zumba hit the scene, it was revolutionary. completely allowing women to let go and shake what their mammas gave them, freely in a fun and safe place with no judgement. I have been privileged enough to continue to work at some amazing places and in an incredible positive industry. I have been teaching ride classes with Psycle London as a founder instructor and now Barre, since they have new concepts also including Yoga and HIIT. They are all about positivity and unity. For me, it’s all about finding your own balance. No diets, just your own favourite, healthy and happy version of you.

MACACHA: We’re so happy to have you as a fan of our blends. Tell us what you like about ENERGY?

BEX: The Energy blend to me is an ‘I got your back, sister!’ and is my go-to protein blend. I love that it is supportive and has a conscience! I feel I have a helping hand, supporting my immune system, high-energy lifestyle and my muscle recovery, keeping my hormones balanced. In the day I try to refuel as quickly as I can after exercise. I want to feel balanced and energised ready to move again, so the Energy blend is perfect for this. I love to mix with oat or nut mylks and take as a shake straight after my classes or a training session or for breakfast add it to my nut butter and banana smoothie.

MACACHA: What does music mean to you?

BEX: Music to me is a way of connecting to people, speaking another language, through unspoken words. I find music truly powerful, with the ability to move us whether it is through certain lyrics or melody. It has the ability to motivate and lift us up, to take us on a journey and transport us somewhere else. It allows us to express emotion and feelings that we maybe otherwise wouldn’t be able to convey through words. Songs can evoke feelings of nostalgia, sometimes bringing back long-forgotten memories. In the past I have found it comforting and even healing.

MACACHA: How does music feature in your day-to-day?

BEX: I spend huge parts of my week listening to music for my job, creating playlists for different classes but I also have completely different playlists for when I need to zone out or want a different vibe. In the morning, I want to wake up slowly with easy listening, uplifting tunes, by evening I want to wind down and feel more relaxed and calm, so I choose playlists that help me switch off from the busy city buzz and feel more Zen… Ahh, Namaste!

MACACHA: How do you go about creating playlists for your classes?

BEX: I think about the energy that I want to create within the space. For a lower impact Pilates class, I want a calm but still gently uplifting vibe with a constant beat and flow. Pilates is very much about the mind to body connection, I want people to work with their breath while they move so I choose music that complements rather than overpowers. In a high-energy class where I want to provide motivation and excitement, I try to find songs to help me to reach out and empathise with how my class may be feeling, whatever kind of day they may have had; there will be a track that speaks to someone. Music can give that extra motivation or can make us feel uplifted and energised.

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