Frame Fitness: Move It, Shake It

Dance? Check. Pilates? Duh. Weight training? Yep. Cardio? No doubt. And meditation? Of course.

That’s Frame Fitness for you.

Self-described as “a place to MOVE, SWEAT and FUEL your Frame daily”, this gym has no limits to what it offers with four locations in central London and eight styles of workouts, including mumhood fitness for the healthistas moving for two.

The Studio

Thankfully, the team at Macacha set their alarm clock early and visited the 6:45 am Power Yoga class in the flagship Shoreditch location. Immediately upon finding the studio, you’re greeted with a fun, inspirational quote and you remember why it feels so good to sweat first thing in the day, even if the sun is still sleeping.

The yoga space is an equal mix of zen sanctuary and industrial warehouse with lots of natural light and a great sound system. There’s even a Fuel cafe for those that like to have a smoothie post-workout or a coffee for a perk of energy.

Warrior Leaders

No surprise here, but what we like most about Frame is that the studio was founded by two young women who set out to create the fitness future they wanted.

Nine years ago, founders Pip Black and Joan Murphy had an idea and now they have an enterprise – and they’re still growing. We at Macacha tip our hats to them, and all of the female warriors who find the time to make health a priority amidst work deadlines, nights out with friends, and raising those budding warriors.

The Verdict

We will definitely be back! In fact, we’re already signed up for the Rave Dancing class!