FriYAY! Getting weekend ready with Indaba Yoga!

Lovely people! It’s FriYAY! Life is pretty busy and we completely agree that when you get to the end of the work week you’re ready to relax and enjoy the weekend. There’s been some pretty big changes in our neck of the woods these days and by pretty big we mean Brexit. It’s a stressful time for many of us, filled with uncertainty. So with that in mind, the team at Macacha wanted to share a little gem of healthy “sweating it out” and relaxation to get you in the right frame of mind to the have the best weekend!

We recently tried out a “Space and Flow” open class with Raphan Kebe at Indaba Yoga in Marylebone, London (in the Scirocco room). We dropped in for an evening class to see what was it was all about! Our first impression of the studio was that it was bright and friendly! It was easy to find the room and get sorted in the change room (pro-tip: pack light in order to fit your gear in the locker). Lockers and mats are free which is great so you don’t have to carry all your kit across London! The studio itself was quite warm with beautiful natural light coming from the large windows across an entire wall. Right from the beginning the class had a unique and playful vibe with soul and reggae music (think Bob Marley meets Nina Simone) playing in the background. Raphan was friendly and made a point of meeting all the “newbies”. We got right into it with some really fun transitions that incorporated dance and martial art poses. Raphan has a fun way of signalling to move to the next pose using different noises 🙂.

The great part of the class for us was that it can cater to different levels. The transitions build to increase variations and repeat so you can figure out the best approach for you. By 30 minutes in we had an awesome sweat level happening and continued to build our practice. The combination of repeated sequences with great music was really fun and the class flew by. Later in the class, Raphan focused on technique which was really great after building up our heart rate from the beginning of class. Depending on what you were after or up for, you could completely adapt your practice to suit you. We left the class feeling challenged (in a good way) and refreshed with a little bit of an island vibe too. This class was a great spin on yoga and was a great way to start the weekend. We recommend checking it out! Check out here for more info 🙂. Stay tuned for more updates on classes we’ve tried and new product coming shortly!

Wishing you a namawesome weekend!

Team Macacha