King of Gyms, Indeed – Team Bonding at 1Rebel

Hello awesome healthistas! As you may know, team Macacha loves to try out the many varied and outrageous workouts we have available here in lovely London. We thought it was time to give this 1Rebel thing a try. The team that HIITS together, fits together, right?! So off to Broadgate we go!

First, you should know that I am slightly navigation-ally challenged. So if you are like me, take note that the 1Rebel studio is located on the lower level of Broadgate Circle. Hopefully you won’t walk around in circles for five minutes on the top level while staring at your iPhone like me! 😉 Challenge number 1 complete! Once you get inside, you immediately feel like you have walked into a state of the art, bad-ass boxing studio. It feels dark and dangerous inside, but still manages to maintain an uber-luxurious feel somehow! We walked up to sign-in for our 8:30 am RUMBLE class and were greeted by two friendly ‘rebels’ behind the desk. They gave us our shower towels (really big and fluffy!) and boxing gloves (£1 rental fee). If you don’t have your own wraps, you can buy them for £3 as well. We quickly dropped our stuff in the free lockers and headed into the studio. 

8:30 am – Here. We. Go. It’s dark. There’s crazy loud music playing. You’re in a ring-shaped room full of punching bags hanging from the ceiling. And there is a seriously fit instructor ready to kick your butt (we had Alice)! And we’re off. The 45 minute session began with a brief intro to the different types of punches – cross, hook, and uppercut. Then we went straight into the warm up which included some jumping jacks, burpees, punches, high knees, and more punches. Once the warm-up was complete, we went into rounds that lasted for 3 – 6 minutes each, focusing on boxing, strength, and just plain keeping our heart rates racing! We did four different sets of burpees for a minute and a half. You count how many you can do in the first round and need to meet or beat that number in every subsequent round – if you have ever done burpees, you’ll know they make for a killer workout! And don’t forget the abs! We were working them the whole time with our punches and roundhouse kicks – plus a nice bonus round of just abs at the end! At the end of each round, the buzzer sounds just like it would in a real boxing match. Alice, our instructor, was both helpful and encouraging, pushing us to the limit for each and every round. She also had some seriously enviable arms and shoulders – talk about toned! The 45 minutes flew by and by the end we were sweaty, exhausted, and exhilarated. After a brief cool-down and stretching sesh, we headed for the showers…

If you haven’t tried 1Rebel yet, you need to just for the locker rooms! I mean, there’s a fridge with chilled towels right there when you walk in – how amazing is that?! Spacious and comfortable, they are what every locker room should be. The lockers are big enough to stash all your kit and supplies for the rest of the day, with an extra spot to hang your jacket so you don’t need to stuff it inside your bag. The showers have ahhh-mazing water pressure and all the products you need to get squeaky clean for your day – shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and face wash. Prep stations are scattered throughout the locker rooms equipped with hair dryers, straighteners, hair spray, cotton swabs, nail files, body lotion, face lotion, and anything else you could possibly need. There were constantly 1Rebel employees in the locker tidying up and making sure everything was neat, clean, and restocked. I wish I could shower there everyday! And let’s not forget the bar – they have fresh smoothies made to order as well as some other healthy, post-workout treats. Talk about getting pampered.

All in all, the Macacha team gives 1Rebel 1big thumbs up! The workout was challenging, the instructor was high energy, and the facilities were loud and luxurious! We are hooked and can’t wait to try the RESHAPE and RIDE classes to get the full 1Rebel experience!