Pea and Rice: the perfect partners

Those of you familiar with plant based protein will know that unlike animal forms they aren’t complete proteins by themselves. This means that they do not contain all 9 essential amino acids (the ones we must gain from our diet, there are also non-esstential amino acids but we can make those so don’t have to eat them) so we need to combine different sources in order to create a full amino acid profile. We have achieved this in our PEACE and ENERGY blends by combining organic brown rice and organic pea proteins.

Why pea protein?

  •  It is easily digestible and hypoallergenic, containing a generous supply of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), and delivering a protein level of around 80%.
  • It is an ideal alternative for people wishing to avoid dairy and soya based proteins due to food allergy and intolerance, and is also gluten and GMO (genetically modified organisms) free.
  • It is a great source of vegetarian protein and can contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

Why rice protein?

  • It is both hypoallergenic and non-GMO.
  • It is technically a complete protein (but with lower levels of the amino acid lysine than found in other forms).
  • It has a smoother texture than hemp, making it ideal for mixing into drinks and smoothies.
  • It has a faster absorption rate of the amino acid leucine, which slows the degradation of muscle tissue.

We have carefully balanced the amount of pea and rice proteins in our blends to create an enhanced amino acid profile and a delicious flavour. Our vegan protein provides all of the benefits of traditional protein supplements, without any of the digestion or allergy aggravators.

Other considerations:

Why organic?

Using organic ingredients is great for your body, as it allows you to get the biggest bang for your buck.

It is also far better for the environment as well. Organic sourcing helps to combat climate change, creates havens for and protects our wildlife, and mainains higher standards of animal welfare. Ultimately we want to work with nature instead of against it, we can’t hope to stay healthy on an unhealthy planet can we!?

Decreased environmental impact

Plant-based ingredients provide a clean source of nutrition and energy with the least possible impact on the world around us.

A plant-based diet is far more sustainable and significantly less resource intensive making it more environmentally friendly than an animal-based diet.

The bottom line:

We need protein for numerous things; the maintenance of our bones, skin, teeth, hair and nails, in addition to being the building blocks for our immune systems, blood cells and muscles. Guidelines suggest 1-2g per kg of bodyweight per day which many people fail to achieve, thus compromising the above. The addition of a convenient, clean protein powder like our PEACE and ENERGY blends to your diet can aid you in the achievement and continuation of long term optimal health, and by opting for a plant based form you also help preserve our planet for future generations.

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Written by Phoebe, Nutritional Therapist BSc DipNT mBANT mNNA mCNHC