The Brilliance of Breakfast

Have you ever heard the saying “Breakfast like a King, lunch like a Queen and supper like a Pauper”?

Nope just us?

OK well then how about that sweet potato toast is totally a thing?

Seriously just us?!

Right well moving swiftly on we’re sure everyone is more than aware that breakfast is pretty important, there are even those who brazenly declare it “The Most Important Meal of The Day”.

As with pretty much everything in life your feelings with regards to the morning meal are entirely personal (we must admit falling on the side of the fans as any opportunity for deliciousness is something we wholeheartedly support 😀 ) but it’s always best to be armed with the facts right?

So what we thought we would do is put together a list of our top reasons on why we think breakfast is brilliant and then happily meander away and leave the rest up to you! (We would totally suggest you check out the sweet potato toast thing though 😉 )


  1. It kick starts your metabolism: starting the day with a balanced meal of healthy fats, fibre, complex carbohydrates and a good dose of protein gets your metabolism going for the day (and keeps it going!)
  2. It balances your blood sugar: a breakfast rich in protein and fibre leads to a steady and sustained release of energy throughout the morning, preventing fluctuations in your blood sugar.
  3. It decreases cravings later in the day: skipping breakfast leaves you running on empty making you more likely to crave quick fixes from sweet foods or caffeinated drinks later on.
  4. It helps you make better choices: studies show that people who eat breakfast tend to make more healthful choices throughout the day resulting in an increased intake of vitamins and minerals.
  5. It improves concentration and productivity: breakfast doesn’t just fuel your body it feeds your brain too, those who repeatedly skip breakfast might notice that their memory starts to suffer.
  6. It improves your mood: ever felt cranky when you’re hungry? Or maybe you already label yourself as someone who gets ‘Hangry’? Low blood sugar can make you irritable and skipping breakfast may cause your mood to fluctuate throughout the day.
  7. It makes you stronger: those who skip breakfast tend to have lower energy levels and less endurance for physical activity.
  8. It keeps you healthy: eating a good breakfast is associated with maintaining a healthy weight and a lower risk of chronic diseases such as Type II diabetes.

And finally… It tastes great!

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