YogaBox: Power, Punches, and Poses

When the team at Macacha got an invite to YogaBox, we couldn’t resist. For the healthistas who can’t decide between a high-impact, high-energy workout or a calming, zen fest, YogaBox has you covered.

Pop-up Fitness

Currently located inside the swanky Bermondsey Square Hotel, a quick walk from Londoimg_3172n Bridge station, the team at YogaBox has taken over a space with just enough room to jab, chaturanga, and upper cut with ease.

The format is simple to follow: 15 minutes of flow to warm up, 30 minutes of boxing and HIIT to torch some calories, and another 15 minutes of yoga to bring you back to a restorative state. Our instructors, Shane and Melissa, kept the energy high and patiently walked us through the variations of punches and stances.

Quick word to the wise though – come dressed ready to move, as the pop-up element of the class means there’s no changing room or lockers.

The Verdict

We’re no Million Dollar Babies, so we needed a little coaching, but Shane and Melissa were quick with adjustments and kept us smiling throughout. Based on our sore muscles today, we can vouch that it’s a workout, especially those looking for a dynamic workout with sweat, salutations, and stretching.

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