Seaweed Kelp

In search of the perfect sustainable and pure ‘greens’ to add to our formula, we researched the effects and benefits of including seaweed within the diet. Seaweed contains an abundance of gut bacteria friendly fibres, trace minerals including iodine, immune supportive polysaccharides, and polyphenols – a perfect addition for optimising health and performance. For those seeking to push the boundaries in their training regimes it is vital have the mind and body working in harmony. Key to this is healthy endocrine (hormone) function, particularly the thyroid, as it helps control energy metabolism, body temperature, skin health and more. Iodine is a crucial component as it helps support metabolism, cognitive function, and nervous system function. This exquisite Seagreens® Kelp seaweed is the product of sustainable wild harvesting among remote Norwegian and Scottish islands.

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