Starting Your Day The Best Way + A Sneak Peak at Phoebe’s Plate!

So leading on from our post on breakfast earlier this week (find it here) we thought we’d take a peek at the plates of our MACACHA team on what they regularly reach for to give you some inspiration on new ways to start the day.

First up it’s Phoebe, our resident Nutritional Therapist and the brains behind all our wonderful recipes, over to you Phoebe!

Thanks! Right so before we get started on the good stuff here’s a quick run down on what a healthy breakfast actually is:

When we talk about a ‘healthy’ breakfast what we are really saying is anything that fits into the following equation:

Good quality protein + fibre + complex carbohydrate + some form of healthful oil or fat

Now that might suddenly make the whole thing seem hugely complicated but really it isn’t. Luckily most whole foods don’t just fulfil a single element on that list but actually tend to hit at least 2, an example would be oats. Oats are a great breakfast food because they bring complex carbohydrates to the table along with a healthy dose of fibre for slow energy release. But plain porridge misses out on the other elements which is why some people say porridge doesn’t keep them full up for particularly long.

This is why protein is so important in the morning; it takes longer to break down and your body has to work harder to get the energy from it so it keeps us satisfied and full of beans all the way until lunch. The great thing about protein is it also usually comes hand in hand with those healthful fats that complete our superstar scenario so really this is all totally simple!

Going back to our bowl of porridge we aren’t suggesting you need to add an egg in there (although savoury porridge is delicious!) it can be far simpler than that. Plantbased proteins like our beautiful MACACHA blends, chia, hemp and flaxseeds, along with nuts, seeds and nut/seed butters are really easy ways to incorporate a good dose of protein into your breakfast with minimal effort. Add a couple of spoonfuls and you will notice a huge difference in how long that oatylicious bowl keeps you going, or click this link to find an extra recipe (yes we really love you this week!) for our super simple MACACHA Milk recipe. (Plus if you opt for our Energy blend you get the bonus of a bit of yerba mate to keep you bouncing along 😀 )

So that’s a simple example of how a couple of savvy switches can revolutionise your brekkie but not all of us are porridge fans! So this is where I switch over and give you a peek at my plate come the dawn chorus each day (or slightly later….dawn chorus just sounded good 😉 ).

My favourite ways to “break the fast” 

For me weekday breakfasts are all about efficiency! Mornings tend to be a bit fast paced so I have a couple of things I always reach for.

  1. Oats & Grains: During the winter it’s all about porridge, I love something warm to start the day. My favourite combinations are either oats with nut milk, cinnamon or lucuma, a spoonful of MACACHA, topped with bee pollen, hemp seeds and ground flaxseed or a savoury version made with quinoa, fresh miso, coriander, avocado and a soft boiled egg. Once the weather is warmer, or if I’m heading out too early to make something at home I’ll whip up an overnight oat jar the night before; oats, coconut yoghurt, frozen raspberries, grated courgette or carrot all tend to feature in there.
  2. Eggs: A veggie omelette is such a nice way to start the day or I take half an avocado, crack an egg into it and grill for 15 minutes, delicious! If I’m on the run again I make a couple of hardboiled eggs the night before, add some steamed broccoli and that avocado and I’m good to go.
  3. Pulses: Houmous or another bean paté on seeded crackers, I like to blend in some peas, spinach or fresh herbs to get a good dose of greens in with minimal effort too. Super quick, super easy and super delicious. Job done!

At the weekend it’s a totally different story – I am all about the leisurely breakfast/brunch. If I’m at home it’s got to be sweet potato pancakes with limey guacamole and sauerkraut, they are heaven on a plate. I’m also a big fan of a savoury smoothie bowl with plenty of frozen avocado in there to make it dreamily creamy and topped with pumpkin seeds, coconut chips and diced broccoli stem or courgette for a bit of texture.

Favourite breakfast/brunch spot: Strut & Cluck in Shoreditch, their Middle Eastern take on Eggs Benedict is divine!

So that’s it from us for now! (devastating we know 😉 )

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