We would like to say a super special thank you to the people that helped us make the website photography beautiful!


Sarah McFadden

Yoga Instructor  –  Operations Manager at Growing Communities

Sarah is the person in the yoga photographs. In addition to her dedication to yoga, she has a fierce commitment and passion for sustainable food and in particular, urban agriculture. Her career is centered around this passion as she works as the Operations Manager for a community sustainable-food enterprise and Growing Communities. We also love her strong support of women as a Trustee for the Women’s Environmental Network. We are so happy to have such a strong and inspirational woman as part of our website and love that her beliefs and principles so closely match our own!




The home products on the website photos – from the crockery to the glassware – are from Nkuku, a home and lifestyle company based in Devon, England. We love the gorgeous handmade products from Nkuku and we admire the company values. They work with artisans throughout the world, combining timeless design with traditional skills and natural materials. Everything that Nkuku makes is handmade, ethically and fair trade sourced, and eco-friendly. They create pieces that aren’t mass market items, but individually crafted pieces that each carry their own story and character.