Meet the Team

Healthistas, yogis and wellness warriors. Our team is committed to making nutrition simple. Just plant based solutions to see you right the way through your day.



Before I started MACACHA, I was Head of Health and Beauty at Whole Foods UK for 8 years. I’m all about natural ingredients products - free from preservatives, colorants, fillers and petrochemicals. Plants are the future! As a source of protein and nourishment, and as a better alternative to petrochemicals because they are renewable. I wanted to create plant products that are beautiful and convenient and make it easy to switch from conventional ones, so you can join this plant party! 

Alex Kirchin

I spent 10 years at Viridian as Technical Director where I became an expert in product formulation and in sourcing premium organic whole food and botanical ingredients. I have received my Master’s Degree in Nutrition from Surrey University, studied Herbal Medicine at Westminster University and I a member of the Royal Society of Medicine. I am also a trained chef!