The Team

Healthistas, yogis and wellness warriors. Our team is committed to making nutrition simple. Just plant based solutions to see you right the way through your day.


Yasmina Guemar

My name is Yasmina and I am one of the Macacheros. I have been into healthy eating and wellbeing for years and enjoy lots of sports, including, gymnastics, trampolining and yoga. I was always keen to find a plant based protein supplement that would taste good and make me feel great, so, I'm really glad that I finally found one and can now spread the word! I have to admit, I'm also a big 'eco warrior' just like Macacha. I’m studying Nutritional Therapy and I love talking about all things health related, so pop in to our stores and say hi!

Michelle Bracken

I started my career as a photographer and graphic designer, where I had the privilege of working with creative publications and talented teams in different parts of the world. For years, however, I was very intrigued by nutrition and wellness. I decided to take my curiosity to the next level and signed up at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, for a one-year nutrition and wellness program. If I'm not in an organic food store, shopping for exciting ingredients for her next healthy recipe, I can be found at several dance locations in central London, happily dancing away. My ethos is to eat natural foods, move regularly, laugh often, and find ways to de-stress in our busy modern lives.

Iman Hassan

As a health and fitness professional I am very proud to be an ambassador for MACACHA. I am pleased to represent a brand that produces quality and innovative products with optimum health in mind, without compromising the health of our planet. The values and ethos of the company enable me to be my authentic self. It is a pleasure to work with like-minded individuals and be part of a movement that empowers people through better wellbeing. MACACHA is leading the protein supplementation market by producing advanced formulations rich in nutrients.

Nicolas Raffray

Hi! My name is Nicolas and I’ve been working with Macacha since late August. What I bring to this brand is an understanding of sports as I’ve played Rugby, Football, Hockey, and Tennis to high levels at school and transitioning to Polo at University. So, I have a strong understanding of the styles of training for different athletes and their subsequent needs. Through my experience in sport it has always interested me how nutrition affects your performance. After much research into medical studies, environmental data and logic derived morality I became vegan at the beginning of 2017 and am now proud to be part of a company that holds itself to high ethical, environmental and health standards.

La Central

Inés Hermida - Founder

Before I started MACACHA, I was Head of Health and Beauty at Whole Foods UK for 8 years. I’m all about natural ingredients products - free from preservatives, colorants, fillers and petrochemicals. Plants are the future! As a source of protein and nourishment, and as a better alternative to petrochemicals because they are renewable. I wanted to create plant products that are beautiful and convenient and make it easy to switch from conventional ones, so you can join this plant party!

Leslie White - Sales

I am so excited to be part of the MACACHA team! I started my career in publishing where travelling internationally was a part of my day-to- day life. The jet-set pace led to a focus on keeping healthy on the road (you'll always find plant protein shakes in my carry on!). It's at MACACHA that my skills as a sales person and account manager meet wellness, and it's a joy to sell a product so carefully formulated and beautifully designed!

Nicolas Brosens - Operations

My background has always been in food and beverage, starting as a purchaser and then an operations auditor with a large food manufacturer after I obtained my MBA in my native Argentina in 2016, and now I'm with MACACHA! As a former competitive fighter and powerlifter (soon to jump back on the platform!), I know first-hand the role of supplements and I'm so pleased to have found in MACACHA a blend which is not only clean and thoughtfully designed but which brings more than just protein to the table. A true-life saver!

Isobel Joy Austin-Little – Marketing

I strongly believe in the importance of working for a brand that you love and believe in! For me, MACACHA is exactly that! Healthy, active, sustainable, pure, organic and feel good, its exciting to be part of such a great brand and team.

My background is in Fashion, Brand Marketing, with a degree in Psychology and Philosophy. My calling for the wellness industry came like many others, through a struggle with food intolerances, which meant that nutrition and wellbeing began to play a key role in my everyday life, and my interests began to change. As well as working for Macacha, I am also in my first year of studying Naturopathic Nutrition at CNM.