18 Mixed sachet SUBSCRIPTION BOX

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For all you fitness fanaticos, whether you're hitting the gym daily or you live life always on the go, this subscription box is for you! 

We'll have it delivered straight through your letterbox. Yep that's right, no need to worry about the postman!

Each box contains a selection of our 33g sachets to keep you wholesome! 

  • 9 Energy Sachets - Pea & rice protein + nutrient dense ingredients (our signature 6) + Yerba Mate (Vanilla flavour)
  • 9 Peace Sachets - Pea & rice protein + nutrient dense ingredients (our signature 6) + Holy Basil & Lavender Extract (Vanilla flavour)

    Together these sachets are the yin and yang of nutritional support, helping you  achieve serene recovery for maximum energy.

    Each of our ingredients is certified organic and bursting with goodness.

    Free from Dairy, Soya, GMO, Yeast, Preservatives, Artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours. No gluten-containing ingredients. No emulsifiers, thickeners or stabilisers (gums). No sucralose. No refined sugars. No synthetic vitamins. 

    Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians. Raw.


    • High In Protein
    • Raw
    • Vegan

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